Lexis Nexis: Telecoms transformation

Anakiya partnered with LexisNexis to support the transformation of their telecoms portfolio and to help create an offering that provides customers with an up-to-date, valuable and informative set of precedents and practice notes to support their communication needs and takes into account the new technologies evolving through the use of communications in today’s market. The work involved the creation of a significant number of such documents, as well as assisting LexisNexis to identify and engage with third party counsel and peers in law firms and in-house to provide their own contributions to the telecoms portfolio. The precedents, practice notes and articles written for LexisNexis include topical and relevant market issues, including the impact of Brexit, network share deals, MVNO transactions and the regulatory telecoms environment.

As a result of the collaboration, Purvi Parekh, Founder of Anakiya, was appointed to the LexisNexis, Lexis®PSL TMT consulting editorial board.